Brands I've worked with

I've been lucky enough to create content for brands both big and small. Here are just a few of them.



I've created all types of social content for Doritos. I'm also the person who originated the concept for the Doritos Blaze Snowman Commercial currently airing. The spot is about a snowman willing to risk death for a taste of a spicy chip.



I've sold commercial concepts to Anheuser Bush as well as producer a motion graphics pre-roll commercial for their "Rita" line.



I've sold both concepts and full commercial scripts to everyone's favorite brick makers.

Cole's Bread

Cole's Bread

Created content for Cole's bread social media. As well as served as a "Pretzel Ambassador" at live comedy events.

Paladin Political

Paladin Political

Assisted with concepting, scripting, shooting, editing, and motion graphics for a number of political ads in the Chicago and Grand Rapids areas.



The Tongal crowd sourced platform has allowed me to sell commercial ideas to a wide range of brands. I has also written freelance blogs for the tongal website, and been honored numerous times as a nominee at their yearly "Tongies" award event.


This portfolio contains various video production work and animation. For samples of my commercial concepts sold to major brands please visit this link instead.


Lioness Registration Drive

Motion Graphics, Editing, and logo animation Sample

Magic Mouth

Assisted with scripting and production of this spot.

Cinco De Rita

Scripted, edited and animated this spot.

Broken Hearted Past

Acted as DP, camera op, sound recordist, and editor for this piece.

Paladin Political Mailers

Editing sample with preexisting assets

Commercial Parody

Lighting and sound for this commercial parody

House Inspector of Usher

Did everything for this short including the voice acting.

Iceland Travel Show

Filmed and edited this full length travel show.

"Attack Ad"

Attack ad parody spot co-produced and edited

Live at Biltmore

Filmed, edited, and created logo animation for this live music series.


Sound recording, editing, and graphics.

Goodrich Screentaps

Editing and compositing sample.

DWB Pilot

Trailer for co-produced pilot. Full version link upon request.

The 9 to 6 sense.

Directing, writing, editing, and SFX.

Drink Tutorial-Father's Day

Wrote, performed, shot, and edited this drink tutorial.


Co-produced and acted in this comedy short.

DC Travel Show

Filmed and edited this full length travel show.

Don't We Boys Special Engagement Poster

Poster Design for Comedy Group Festival shows.


Poster Design for Harry Potter Parody Play.

Idiot Box Improv

Poster Design for local professional improv comedy group.

Sketch 101

Poster Design for sketch comedy writing workshop show

Something to say

Poster design for local comedy group inspired by Russian Constructivism.


Poster Design for Don't we boys College tour.

DWB Gas Masks

Alternate poster design for DWB College tour.

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